Sparx Electric Toothbrush for Teeth Whitening, Gum Care, & Polishing, Light Therapy Technology for Whiter Teeth & Healthy Gums

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 A first impression lasts forever, that's why a  pretty white smile is so important. The smile is the first thing most people notice when they're meeting someone, not to mention how important your dental hygiene is to prevent cavities and tooth loss.

The Sparx Electric Toothbrush addresses all of your dental cleaning needs. There are 4 modes




Gum Care

Sparx  combines the latest innovation in Blue LED phototherapy, that is NASA-developed and dentist-approved, with powerful  brushing technology for a clean like no other.

I really like that Sparx includes gum care mode. Healthy gums are so important to a pretty smile. Healthy gums are what hold your teeth in place.

This is a superior electric toothbrush! My mouth has never felt so clean and fresh, and my smile has never felt so confident!

This system comes with complete instructions to make using it very simple. The instructions cover how to charge the system, how to use each different mode and explains different features such as the memory mode which automatically uses the last mode it was on on start up. It also has 30 second reminder to let you know when to switch areas during brushing.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.