Easy Roll Down Window Screen for Antique Homes

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Historic homes across the U.S. are undeniably beautiful. With gorgeous building techniques and vintage materials, preserving the look and feel of your antique home is no doubt one of your main concerns. When it comes to magnificent century homes, however, you may have come across a unique obstacle when it comes to your windows.

Most century homes didn't have the added protection of window screens, and the window frames in antique homes are often wooden and not made to accommodate a window screen. You could hire a contractor to build custom window screens, but that does heighten the risk of further work to allow a screen frame to fit. So what do you do when you love to enjoy an insect-free, pest-free fresh breeze through an open window without heavy construction made to your window frames or window sills?

There is a solution that is incredibly easy to use as well as install.


Easy Screen Solution with Pull Down Window Screens

The perfect solution to enjoy an insect-free, debris-free summer or all-year-round fresh breeze while protecting your antique window frames is a pulldown window screen. Pull down window screens, often called roll-down window screens, are the most convenient and easy to install window screen solutions for a century home.

A pull down window screen is a discreet and compact solution with a top roller housing. To install, assemble the pull down window screen, align and fasten the canopy to your window frame, then attach your guide locks and enjoy your new window screen.

During summer, roll down the screen to enjoy the fresh air without worry of gnats, mosquitos, other insects, or any leaves or debris being blown into your window. During the colder months, leave the screen rolled discreetly into its housing for gorgeous, unobstructed views through your windows.

A pull down window screen is stored in a housing, keeping the screen material protected from UV light and environmental aspects that could damage your screens early. This means a pull down window is also a longer-lasting solution to a screenless window. When your historic home needs a window screen solution, roll down window screens will be the perfect answer for fresh air.