Wooden Spurtles Kitchen Tools Set

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 I love, love, love to cook! I am always adding to my collection of utensils . I love having the right ones for every cooking need. My favorite utensils are wooden ones. I found this Wooden Spurtles Kitchen Tool Set and fell in love with them!

This set is made of 100% beech wood and has absolutely no paint, so they're healthy and safe to cook with. They are very lightweight and gentle on your pans, but very sturdy and durable.

Beech wood comes from beech trees that grow in temperate zones and it's wood is hard and wear and heat resistant. It's wood is generally used for making furniture. I'm pretty impressed that these wooden spatulas are made from beech, I'm sure they'll be used in my kitchen for years to come.

Very easy to clean, if any food is dried and stuck to them just let them soak in warm water for a few minutes and they easily wash clean.

When exposed to heat and oil they may darken but are perfectly safe to cook with, You can apply mineral oil when they feel dry.

I really like the shape of these spatulas and the way the handle fits in my hand. Even if you're not a chef, they make you feel like you are.  I also love that these spatulas will not scratch even your non-stick pans.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this reveiw.