5 Kitchen Updates You Can Do By Yourself

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 Home renovations are extremely important, as they can greatly improve your home. Updates to your home can improve the way your home looks and feels and make it more comfortable and efficient. Even if you plan on listing your home as one of the Long Island houses for sale, renovations can improve your home’s value and allow you to list it at a higher price. One of the most important rooms to renovate is the kitchen, a critical room to your home. Lots of time is spent in the kitchen cooking and eating meals, and as a result, kitchen renovations can massively improve your home’s value. Unfortunately, hiring a contractor can be too expensive for some people, forcing them to turn to DIY renovations. So how exactly can you improve your kitchen without the help of a professional? Here are five kitchen updates that you can do all by yourself. 

Add a Backsplash

A fantastic way to update your kitchen is by adding a backsplash behind your stove. Backsplashes are fantastic kitchen updates, as they fill both practical and aesthetic purposes. First, you’ll notice that a backsplash adds a lot of color and character to your kitchen. In addition, a backsplash can help protect the wall behind your stove from splashes and other damages. Finally, a backsplash is relatively easy to install, meaning you don’t need to be a DIY expert to pull this project off. If you want a practical yet aesthetically pleasing upgrade to your kitchen, then this should be one of the first ideas you consider. 


One of the best ways to easily upgrade a room is by repainting it, and the kitchen is no different. Repainting a room can make it feel brand new, regardless if you’re painting the same color or are trying something new. Painting a room is also a popular renovation project due to its price, as buying paint isn’t really that expensive. In addition, painting a room is one of the easiest home improvement projects to pull off, as you don’t need any special DIY skills at all. If you want a quick and easy way to upgrade your kitchen, then this is the way to go.

Change Your Faucet

Another great way to upgrade your kitchen is by changing the faucet on your sink. While you may not consider a kitchen faucet to be an integral part of your kitchen’s design, it actually plays a major role in how your kitchen looks. Upgrading your kitchen faucet can really improve a room’s design and make your kitchen appear more modern. However, this is the first project on this list that requires some thought process behind it. Replacing a faucet isn’t basic knowledge, so you’re going to either need some DIY experience or look up a guide on how to do it. However, the process isn’t overly difficult and can serve as a great stepping stone for someone looking to get more involved with DIY projects. 

Upgrade Your Cabinets

Your cabinets are a huge part of your kitchen. Not only do they store most of your kitchen clutter, but they also play a major role in the way your kitchen looks. Unfortunately for many kitchens, cabinets often serve their role in storage but often look quite unappealing when doing it. Thankfully, there are ways you can upgrade your cabinets to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. A common way to do this is by repainting them, but there are other methods as well. You may want to imprint designs on them or even change out the handles and pulls on them. All of these ideas are extremely cheap and easy to pull off and can change your cabinets from an eyesore to a major strong point. 

Improve Storage Options

Something that's probably keeping your kitchen from reaching its full design potential is clutter. Clutter is horrible from a design perspective, as it makes a room feel messy and uncared for, completely ruining some design elements. As a result, you want to make sure that you have enough storage in your kitchen to eliminate all clutter. Some solutions to this could be installing vertical or open shelves, allowing you to use up empty space and store some items at the same time. Additionally, you could use things like wine racks or tip out trays to truly maximize the amount of storage your kitchen has. Installing these storage options can be quite difficult, however, so this is a project for seasoned DIY experts. However, if done correctly, it can solve any clutter problems your kitchen may have, allowing it to truly shine. 


Wooden Spurtles Kitchen Tools Set

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 I love, love, love to cook! I am always adding to my collection of utensils . I love having the right ones for every cooking need. My favorite utensils are wooden ones. I found this Wooden Spurtles Kitchen Tool Set and fell in love with them!

This set is made of 100% beech wood and has absolutely no paint, so they're healthy and safe to cook with. They are very lightweight and gentle on your pans, but very sturdy and durable.

Beech wood comes from beech trees that grow in temperate zones and it's wood is hard and wear and heat resistant. It's wood is generally used for making furniture. I'm pretty impressed that these wooden spatulas are made from beech, I'm sure they'll be used in my kitchen for years to come.

Very easy to clean, if any food is dried and stuck to them just let them soak in warm water for a few minutes and they easily wash clean.

When exposed to heat and oil they may darken but are perfectly safe to cook with, You can apply mineral oil when they feel dry.

I really like the shape of these spatulas and the way the handle fits in my hand. Even if you're not a chef, they make you feel like you are.  I also love that these spatulas will not scratch even your non-stick pans.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this reveiw.


Home Mortgage Calculators

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There is so much to consider when buying a home or refinancing the home you already have.  Not to mention trying to calculate how much home you can afford to pay for. I found a really good site to help with all of those decisions.  Mortgage Calculators  has been online since 2008 and has  been recently redesigned  to make it even more user friendly.

What is Mortgage Calculators?

Mortgage Calculators is a site that gives lists of mortgage calculators as well as information on different types of loans, different types of purchases, information on interest rates and payments. This site is uncluttered and easy to use unlike some of the other  sites, which is important to me.

Buying a home or property can seen a little overwhelming without having all the information you need to make an informed decision. I really think that having all the different sites listed and grouped into different categories makes it so much easier to access and answer questions that I have.

Spending a little time on this site I feel more educated on the topic of buying a home, things I hadn't considered before. You can get information such as :

- financial news sites like Bloomberg or CNBC or the Wall Street Journal

- governmental resources like ConsumerFinance.gov

 - stats from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

- studies from colleges or nonprofit organizations

Before jumping into a big purchase , I'm glad I took  take a little time to educate myself, make sure what I  can comfortably pay and what type of loan would  be best for me.  I found Mortgage Calculators to be very helpful and informative.