Influencer Marketing in 2020

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Recently influencer marketing has gotten a social black eye, but in reality  the marketing industry has seen a huge increase in sales in the past 3 years due to influencer marketing. Many brands  rely on influencers and social media to promote their products. 

The consumers are more apt to purchase products that they have seen or read a favorable review on. Personally before I make a purchase I like to see what other people have said about the product and their success or ease of use. ( Or what might be negative about the product in question) 

Social media has a huge impact on sales. Seeing images of products, and reading what people have to say about them  brings a more personal feel to the marketing game. It actually builds a sense of trust in the consumer making them much more inclined to buy. Video reviews are an even bigger sales tool in my opinion because the consumer can not only see the product but can see it being used, giving them a visual on what it would be like to use it themselves. I know for myself, seeing a product that I'm considering purchasing being used and actually doing what it's supposed to do pushes me to buy.

I truly believe that most people feel the same way that I do about researching products online. I really like to know what other people think about something before I spend my money on it. Whether it's beauty products or even the newest toys on the market that my grandchildren want for Christmas, I like to do some research, and influencers make that research easy to access.

Without calling out a specific name of a toy, 2 years ago at Christmas time 2 of my grand daughters wanted the same toy. I had never heard of it. ( I guess I was a little behind the times) but I went on YouTube and watched a few videos about it. The videos were adults trying this toy out and having nearly as much fun as my grand daughters did on Christmas morning. Without  social media I wouldn't have know what in the world the kids were asking for, nor would I have been able to research that toy and feel good about buying it.

In this high tech, digital world of 2020, I think most people are going back to a simpler mind set as far as purchasing and marketing in one respect. Word of mouth even if it's through the internet on social media, it's the same tried and true, old fashioned method... word of mouth.  Influencers and video influencers give a more personal touch, and build a sense of trust which makes it easier for the consumer to part with their money and make a purchase. 

An influencer and their followers build a relationship of sorts and a certain trust after a while and that trust has a big impact on sales, not that the influencer is trying to make sales, but their followers value the influencer's opinion.


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