Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker FM Radio from AncordWorks

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Is your family outdoorsy? Do you like to fish, camp, or just have an outdoor dinner? I found the coolest Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from AncordWorks. It's not just a bluetooth speaker, it's an alarm clock, an FM radio, MP3 player, hands free cell call mic, Micro SD TF slot and has an external antenna. I like the handle on the backside of the speaker that makes it so easy to carry wherever you go.

It's waterproof! You can even take it into the shower, and it's perfect for any outdoor activity. Not to mention the sound that comes from this speaker surprised me, it's  crystal clear with deep bass sound. Equipped with V4.3 technology, you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, or slide an SD card with your favorite playlist and listen to all of your favorite music.

I have purchased several bluetooth speakers from AncordWorks and can say that I have been very happy with each one, many have been for gifts, and the recipient is always as happy as I have been with the ones I have purchased for myself.

This speaker would make a great gift for any occasion,Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, or just because.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


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