GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector

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Recently I decided it was time to get a mattress protector and decided to purchase the GhostBed Cooling Mattress Cover for a few different reasons.

First of all its compatible with about any mattress but is ideal to pair with GhostBed Memory Foam Mattress. It fits my mattress nicely and doesn't move or slip off the corners because it has a 2 in wide elastic band around the entire bottom to stay securely in place.

It has a total waterproof barrier with long lasting durability wash after wash and has a soft knit top that provides quiet breathability. Very comfortable to sleep on and you can rest easy knowing that your mattress is protected from any "accidents".

I also like knowing that non-migrating antimicrobial technology helps eliminate allergens. I can rest easy and breathe easy.

I know I made the right decision in my purchase of the GhostBed Mattress Cover.


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