After The Holidays

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I have to admit this year I had a really hard time getting ready for the holidays. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, but for some reason this year I had trouble finding my ho ho ho. The whole season felt more like a deadline than a holiday. I'm not sure where all of the bah hum bug came from but it sure found me.

Usually as soon as Thanksgiving is over with I'm in the kitchen cheffing up all kinds of goodies. Not this year.

I bought the cutest Christmas tree. It was perfect, completely symetrical. I put it in the stand and the poor thing stayed right there undecorated and naked. I still feel a little guilty about that.

I'm not depressed, just blah. I don't know if any of you have gone through that or not. I have a million reasons to be happy and excited about the holidays. I have 4 grown kids, 17 grandkids and 1 great grandson. We are all in pretty good health, we all have a roof over our heads, food to eat, etc. Still I just couldn't find my joy, that is until I had 2 cookie baking dates with my grandkids. The first date was with some of the older grandkids, they range in age from 13-19. We really enjoyed making a big mess and creating our delicious cookies. The second cookie baking date was with the youngest grandkids and my only great grandson. They range in age from 2-8. We had so much fun! We made a great big mess but it was so worth the clean up.

I think that might be part of my blah this year was not having any little ones in my house now. This isn't the first holiday season with no little ones here so I'm not sure exactly why this year kicked me right in my feels but it did.

Baking has always soothed my soul and this year I found not only solace in my cookie making, but actually great joy in knowing that I was creating memories with all of my kiddos just like the memories I have baking with my Grandma. Now that the holidays are over, I can sit here and reflect on where I finally found my joy. My joy comes from knowing that the time we shared in the kitchen together will be time shared for generations to come, my kids with their kids, and then with their kids... the thought still brings a smile to not only my face but to my heart too.