Crayola 2018 Holiday

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I spend so much time before the holidays trying to decide what to get for my grandkids. Crayola makes the decision so easy with some of the awesome products they have. I'm Grandma so it's my job to pick gifts that are educational and also inspirational. The product line for 2018 fills both of those categories.

I chose the Crayola Ultimate Light Board because it really inspires the artist in my kiddos (plus it's fun to play with) It comes with Gel FX Markers that really glow , you draw directly on the board which is lit up by bright LED lights that are built into the frame. ( It uses 3 AA batteries that are not included) The back board is removeable so you can easily trace a picture onto the Light Board. When you little artist is ready the Light Board can be wiped clean and is ready for the next masterpiece.

Next I chose Crayola Color Chemistry Set for my budding little scientists. This chemistry set comes with instructions for 50 activities to try at home. All activities have been desived and/or approved by real Crayola scientists.

There are enough supplies in the box for 16 experiments, including volcano experiments.Goggles and gloves are not required. Adult supersivision is recommended. There's so much fun in this box!

I recived both products at a discount to facilitate this review.