Foot Rest for Under Desk (Black)

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I spend a lot of hours sitting at my computer in a day. I love what I do, but there are some drawbacks to it, like leg cramps and backache from sitting so long at a time. I try to change position of my feet and stretching my back frequently but same thing backache and leg cramps. I decided to purchase an under desk foot rest. What a difference it makes!

This foot rest is perfectly angled to support legs, feet and back. It seriously feels so good. I can sit now for the same amount of hours without pain in my back, knees, calves or feet.

I like that the gripping material on the bottom of this foot rest keeps it in place. I don't have to bend down and pull it back into the position I need it in. I have hard wood floors and it stays right where I put it. I'm sure it would stay in place just as well on carpet.

I imagine this would be great to take along for long plane rides too. You can flip your foot rest over for a good way to work out your calf muscles and increase circulation while you're sitting.

The outer cover is washable, just unzip it and put it in the washer, and it comes out nice and clean and looking brand new.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.

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