Fireproof Bag #Fireproof

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Do you have a safe place for all of your important documents in case of a fire? That's something I used to worry about, the thought of something as terrible of a fire happening and losing birth certificates, marriage license, important photos, things that would be hard to replace or even worse, things that can't be replaced.

I just received my Fireproof Bag and now my mind is at ease, I don't have to worry now about important papers and documents. This bag is amazing, it's the result of many years of experience. This fireproof  product producer has been in business for over 30 years. This 3rd generation fireproof document bag has a fireproof rating of A, it has endured up to 2300* F, and it has a waterproof rank of IP66.

This bag is roomy, 15" x 12", it can hold a laptop, cash, passports, birth certificates, graduation certificates, marriage license, and other important documents. 

This fireproof bag has 2 horizontal metal zippers and handles to make it easy to grab and go in an emergency. The inner zipper gives even more protection to your valuable documents.

I feel a big relief knowing that what's near and dear to me as far as my family's personal documents are safe from fire and flood.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.