Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult Sneaker

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I just purchased a pair of Pastry POP Tart Grid Adult Sneakers for my grand daughter. She was pretty excited with them. They are dance shoe enspired, really cute and fashionable, not to mention lightweight and comfortable.

The ones I ordered are navy blue with matching navy blue synthetic shiny accents on the upper. They appear to be well constructed and durable, with traction rubber outsole. The lace-up front and padded tongue makes for a secure fit.

These shoes are very reasonably priced, so I feel like I got a good value for my purchase, a well made shoe that's both cute and at a good price. Win/ win for me, even earned me a few Grandma points with my grand daughter haha.

I know how important it is for the kids to feel like they fit in with their friends as far as fashion goes, and I know how important it is to me to feel like I get a good value for my dollars. I believe these shoes fit both categories.

With the new school year approaching, I have a feeling I know what shoes are going to be her favorite everyday shoes.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.



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I look at other women, whose makeup is beautifully done, in amazement. I have watched tutorial after tutorial to find the correct techniques to use, what makeups to use, etc. What it all comes down to is this....having the right tools for the job. BRUSHES! Not just any brushes though, high quality, specific brushes for what look you are trying to acheive. I am excited to tell my readers about this LIMITED EDITION - Essential Luxury Eye Brush Kit.

Miracos Stilettos Essential Eye Brusk Kit was designed for pro makeup artists ensuring that your makeup will have a pixel-perfect finish.

These brushes are high quality and well made. Each brush shape is custom cut, allowing for precise application from a soft delicate finish to dense coverage. The brush handle has a metallic gold finish that correlates with the color coded Miracos Brush System.

These brushes are easy to care for, just wash with mild soap and water, absorb excess moisture with a towel, reshape bristles and allow to air dry.

This LIMITED EDITION Set comes with 4 very specific brushes. The set includes:

* Concealer Brush : Rounded tip, tapered concealer brush creates a flawless look

* Eye Shadow Brush : Stiff enough to pack on pigmentation but has just enough thickness to blend out the edges

* Blend Brush - Fluffy and rounded to seamlessly create the art of  crease color placement

* Dual-End Eyeliner & Brow Brush :  To create soft, natural brows with the angled end and then grooming hair into place with spoolie. Also great for soft liner looks.

Those are some of the facts about these brushes, now let me tell you about my personal feelings about these brushes. When I opened the package and took the brushes out of their plastic wrappers, I felt so empowered. The long handles fit nicely in my hand, I feel like I have so much control. The bristles are very soft, making applying my eye makeup a pleasant experience. I am pleasantly surprised at what a difference having the right brushes makes. When I applied my concealer it went on so smoothly,I was able to get it right where I need it and blend it in so that you could hardly tell it was there other than my flaws being covered. My eye shadow, I was impressed,it looked like I went to the salon! The blender brush is amazing! I was able to blend away and definite lines, my eye shadow looked like it had been airbrushed on. The dual ended eyeliner & brow brush is so easy to use. I never paid much attention to my brows before, other that keeping stray hairs plucked , but doing your brows makes your makeup look finished and complete. I feel like I don't need to envy other women's makeup now. I have the power and the right brushes.

Use the code LUXEYE25 to receive 25% off of your order for this limited edition set of eye makeup brushes. This code cannot be used in combination with any other discount and has no cash value.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Crayola Thank A Teacher

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As the coming school year approaches, all of us parents are going over school supply lists and getting ready for the end of summer vacation and the beginning of  the 2018/2019 school year.

Crayola has always been the favorite brand of school supplies in my house and even when I was growing up. I know my children and now my grand children feel the same way. Crayola quality is unbeaten, I have to admit I have tried to get by with store brands a few times and always end up going back to the store to buy Crayola.

Crayola has a Thank A Teacher Campaign going on . It's open now til August 25,2018. Entry is easy, create a thank you card for a special teacher in your world and upload it to for a chance to win a grand prize for family, teacher, and school.

Ten grand prize packs will be awarded, inclusive of:
  • $10,000 classroom makeover for the teacher
  • One year supply of Crayola products for the school
  • $1,000 scholarship for the student
  • $1,000 gift card for both the teacher and school 
  • Free CreatEd seminar for the school
In addition to the grand prizes, one lucky entrant will have his or her thank you note featured on a special pack of Crayola crayons this holiday. In addition, a weekly sweepstakes will run concurrently with the contest, offering entrants a chance to win $500 gift cards for themselves and their teachers.  The contest and sweepstakes will run through August 25, 2018.

For official rules, visit


Purlev Skincare Pure Touch Anti Aging Advanced Retinol Facial Cream Moisturizer 1.7 Oz

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I declared war against aging a few years ago and I am always on the hunt for products to share with my readers that do what they say that they'll do. I found another such product to share with all of you, Purlev Skincare Pure Touch Anti Aging Advanced Retinol Facial Cream Moisturizer

Retinol is also known as Vitamin A, and it has so many benefits for your skin. Vitamin A can increase cell turnover, boost elasticity, improve the appearance of sun damage, boost collagen production,smooth fine lines and smooth expression wrinkles. So many benefits from one cream!

This cream is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive and acne prone skins because it contains no additives, no chemicals  and no added fragrances. Only high quality ingredients and natural extracts are used in this cream.

Very easy to use, just apply it to clean skin in gentle upward strokes on your face, cheeks, neck , forehead, and de'colletage. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated.

This cream does everything that I need it to do, covers all of my aging skin's needs. It works fast too. It really gives your skin a youthful glow. I'm 55 years old now and nothing makes my day more than when someone asks my age  and when I tell them they don't believe me. Each time that happns, it's a small win in my battle.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Flip Flop for Men

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With the summer weather here and all the fun places to go, I found a great men's flip flop This isn't  just the ordinary discount store flip flop. This is a well constructed, well thought out flip flop.

It was designed with both comfort and safety in mind. My first impression when I took these out of the package was how stylish they look, then I noticed how the sole feels almost velvety and soft. The bottom of the flip flop is very slip and skid resistant so they will be safe near a pool or any other wet place.

They are very lightweight so it really feels like you're going barefoot, but with the protection of a flip flop under your feet.Better than barefoot because of the arch support, very comfortable to wear all day long.

When these flip flops get wet, they dry very quickly due to the quick dry flyknit material. They really do dry amazingly fast.

There are 4 colors to choose from, so they will match anything in your wardrobe, very stylish and fresh looking. I got these for my son, he's very pleased with them. He said they are the most comfortable flip flops he's worn.

You can puchase your flip flops using this promotional code  4U4SHY6M that will make the cost $6.99

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Trifold Genuine Leather RFID Wallets

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Looking for the perfect gift for a male loved one? This Trifold Genuine Leather RFID Wallet is great for self gifting as well. It is a very stylish wallet, slim design, plus it protects your finacial information. That's something that's very important in this day and time. It helps to minimize electronic fraud and pickpocketing.

This wallet is made of  fine full grain  and 100% genuine leather which means it's not only attractive and stylish but will hold up to everyday use and stand the test of time.

This men's wallet will hold a lot, 10 credit cards, plus has a window for your driver's license or a family photo, a money pocket plus a hidden coin pocket for coins or small items. Even with all this storage it still maintains a slim line so as not to ruin the lines of your trousers. You can wear this in your front pocket or back pocket.

I think this would make a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday, Christmas,any occasion such as promotion, graduation, etc. You can get one for your partner or spouse, brother dad, uncle, boss, any male in your life.

This is a very well made wallet with reinforced seams and snug fitting card slots. No worries about your cards sliding out of your wallet or about seams coming apart.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


40% off code of Pet Booster Seat on Amazon

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40% off code of Pet Booster Seat on Amazon
Before price: $29.98
Code: SJ9OGSE3
Code end date:08/12/2019


Foot Rest for Under Desk (Black)

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I spend a lot of hours sitting at my computer in a day. I love what I do, but there are some drawbacks to it, like leg cramps and backache from sitting so long at a time. I try to change position of my feet and stretching my back frequently but same thing backache and leg cramps. I decided to purchase an under desk foot rest. What a difference it makes!

This foot rest is perfectly angled to support legs, feet and back. It seriously feels so good. I can sit now for the same amount of hours without pain in my back, knees, calves or feet.

I like that the gripping material on the bottom of this foot rest keeps it in place. I don't have to bend down and pull it back into the position I need it in. I have hard wood floors and it stays right where I put it. I'm sure it would stay in place just as well on carpet.

I imagine this would be great to take along for long plane rides too. You can flip your foot rest over for a good way to work out your calf muscles and increase circulation while you're sitting.

The outer cover is washable, just unzip it and put it in the washer, and it comes out nice and clean and looking brand new.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Fireproof Bag #Fireproof

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Do you have a safe place for all of your important documents in case of a fire? That's something I used to worry about, the thought of something as terrible of a fire happening and losing birth certificates, marriage license, important photos, things that would be hard to replace or even worse, things that can't be replaced.

I just received my Fireproof Bag and now my mind is at ease, I don't have to worry now about important papers and documents. This bag is amazing, it's the result of many years of experience. This fireproof  product producer has been in business for over 30 years. This 3rd generation fireproof document bag has a fireproof rating of A, it has endured up to 2300* F, and it has a waterproof rank of IP66.

This bag is roomy, 15" x 12", it can hold a laptop, cash, passports, birth certificates, graduation certificates, marriage license, and other important documents. 

This fireproof bag has 2 horizontal metal zippers and handles to make it easy to grab and go in an emergency. The inner zipper gives even more protection to your valuable documents.

I feel a big relief knowing that what's near and dear to me as far as my family's personal documents are safe from fire and flood.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.