Wool Dryer Balls

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I have heard about wool dryer balls from different friends and thought they sounded like a good idea, something I might try someday. Well, I have a friend that works at a local hotel and she was telling me that they use them there for the bed linens and towels and whatever laundry they do. She told me that all of the laundry comes out so nice and soft and wrinkle free , plus they use them because some guests may have sensitive skin or have allergies to some of the fabric softeners or dryer sheets. All of that got me to thinking so I decided to try them for myself.

Everything that I had been told was correct, my clothes come out of the dryer without that chemical feeling that softeners leave behind, almost a residue feeling. My laundry even dries faster because the balls tumbling in the dryer increase the air flow and decrease drying time.That's 2 ways these dryer balls are saving me money, I'm not having to buy dryer sheets or fabric softener, and they're saving money on my power bill. That's 2 big perks in my book.

These Wool Dryer Balls last for over 1,000 loads, that's on average 2-4 years! If you would like a scent to them, because they have no scent of their own, you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice to them.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.