Kids Family Game – Fun Dice Rolling Card Game #RoosterFinGames

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I write quite often about spending time with my family, whether it's camping, fishing, cooking out, or family game nights. I really enjoy all of those activities with my kiddos. 

When the weather's bad or we're just in for a quiet evening at home, I love to get out a good board game and a few snacks and have a lot of fun. In my opinion spending time as a family playing games is a big stress reliever and brings your family and friends closer together.

With all of that being said, I want to tell you about a really fun game called Wild Dash. It's for 2-6 players and for players 8 years old and older. The object of the game is to collect 1st Place Coins by playing high-valued cards. The first player to collect 3 - 1st Place Coins is the winner. Playing to collect the coins is the fun part.

The Wild Dash Game includes :

72 Racer Cards

24 Booster Cards  

3 Cubes 

9 Coins 

1 Cube Roller 


The instructions are very clear and simple. Once you've read through them, you're ready for a lot of fun and competition. Once we got started it was a fun fast paced game and I thought it was a plus...the kids had to add their scores from their cards so they were doing math while we were playing a game. Total mom win! I love when the kids are learning and think they're just having fun!

I received this game at a discount to facilitate this review.