Kids Family Game - Classic Number Card Game #RoosterFinGames

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I know all of my readers know I spend a lot of time with my family. I really enjoy camping fishing, cooking out, and playing games. I love a family game night, break out a good board game and a few snacks and enjoy.

I truly believe that a good game night with family and friends is a great stress reliever as well as  good bonding time. I found another great game from RoosterFin Games. This one is Rabbit Pirates Shoot For The Loot . If you've ever played war, you'll like this game. The object of the game is to play high valued cards to win bronze, silver, and gold treasure tokens.

It's suitable for 7 years old and up. 2-4 players can play.The only skills you need for this game are logic and strategy, which surprisingly enough some of the adults we played with lacked more than the kids at the table. Haha

The game contents are:

60 Playing Cards

3 Treasure Islands

30 Treasure Tokens

4 Character Cards

Simple Instructions

After reading through the instructions you're ready for a fun filled evening. When we played this game, we had 3 generations playing and everybody had a lot of fun. I really like that the kids and adults alike can play at the same time and everybody equally had a good time.

I really like RoosterFin games, they are family oriented and good wholesome fun. I plan on RoosterFin Games being a big part of our family game nights.

I received this game at a discount to facilitate this review.