CORTEGE Digital Alarm Clock Wooden LED Light Clock with Time and Temperature Display

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Are you looking for an alarm clock? I found a really awesome one, CORTEGE Digital Alarm Clock . This is a wood triangle clock with LED time, date, and temperature disply.

The LED display has 3 levels of brightness (L1=Bright L2=Medium L3=Dim) to fit your personal needs.

It has 3 group alarms that can wake you anytime. You can set the alarm to go off at selected minute intervals, to replace the snooze setting so that even the deepest sleeper can be awakened and be on time for work, meeting, school, where ever you may need to be.

I really like that this clock has a dual power supply, you can use AAA batteries or the USB cord that's included, making this clock perfect for home, office , and travel.

Do you know what's really cool about this clock? It has a unique voice or sound control. That's right, with just a snap of your fingers the time will display. I thought that was really awesome! Not to mention that this is a very attractive clock and would make a nice addition to any decor.

This makes a great gift for any occasion such as birthday, holidays, graduation, etc., or for your persnal use.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.