Virtual Reality Headset #virtualrealityheadset

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I always try to give my readers my honest opinion on the products that I review. With that being said I want to share a really cool Virtual Reality Headset with all of you. It is very affordable and is compatible with iPhone, Anrdoid, or Windows phones with a screen size of 4.0-6.0 inches.

First thing you have to do is download the 3d app from the Apple app store or Google Play Store to enjoy the 3d effect. In order to get a clear view you have to select the split screen mode in the download.

I think a really good feature in this virtual reality headset is the eye protection that is engineered to deflect the blue light coming from your smart phone. You can also adjust the pupil object distance for further protection and viewing pleasure. There are straps to adjust the headset to your head as well for further comfort.

Once the download is complete, simply insert your phone into the headset and be prepared to go virtually anywhere you want to go in images,videos, movies, and games. This is so awesome! It really feels like your right there in everything your looking at! Sit back and enjoy the virtual reality ride , I sure am. Now I know what my kids were talking about and why they thought this was so cool.

This headset would make a great gift for any occasion, especially for yourself.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


AncordWorks Shower Speaker, Black /Arrmy Green

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I love listening to music, music can set the mood for what I'm doing. If I'm working I like to hear something upbeat and energized. When I'm relaxing or going to sleep I like something soothing and calm.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the sound quality that comes from this speaker. I love the vesatililty that this bluetooth shower speaker allows.I have had several bluetooth speakers but I want to tell you all about this Bluetooth Shower Speaker by AncordWorks. What sets this speaker apart from others is that it's water resistant, made of metal and silicone. You can listen to your music while you shower, but not only that,you can take this speaker to the pool or the beach without worry about it getting wet and ruined. Are you ready for this? It's also shockproof, dust proof and sandproof. You ca really go anywhere and have your music too.

This Bluetooth Shower Speaker has a built in Mic and hands free features so you can conveniently pic up your cell phone calls while your phone is paired with this speaker, whether you're in the bathroom, the office, your car, anywhere you're paired with this speaker.

AncordWorks really thought of everything when they put this speaker together. It includes the bluetooth shower speaker, a suction cup/clip carabiner, USB charger, 8G TF Memory Card, TF Card Reader, USB charging cable.

The TF card play function is pretty awesome. You don't have to carry your cell into the bathroom with you, The 8G TF memory card holds about 1,000 songs and the card reader is included, just slip the card into the slot and listen to your favorite music.

AncordWorks stands behind their products with a 100%  12 month Manufacturer Warranty.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Rustic Pathways Reviews Best In Travels $500 Giveaway

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Rustic Pathways 
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Rustic Pathways is a leader in providing superior quality international community service, education, and adventure programs for students around the globe. Rustic Pathways was founded in 1983 and offers spring and summer break experiences as well as Gap Year programs and customized experiences for educators and small groups.

Rustic Pathways CEO, Chris Stakich explains: “Our business model is based on taking high school students to remote villages in developing countries and immersing them in service learning programs.  We have year-round staff in each of the communities where we operate, and we have multi-year development plans with communities that were created from the ground up with the local leadership.  Through our programs, students learn about themselves and the world.  The final piece of our program is to ask students and families to contribute through the Rustic Pathways Foundation, to the communities where they worked so that they can pay it forward to other students and community members.”

For more information call 800.321.4353 or visit You can also follow the company on Facebook or Instagram, watch  Rustic Pathways on YouTube and check out the Rustic Pathways LinkedIn page.

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Travel Makeup Bag

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I have had so many makeup bags over the years. Big ones, small ones, but I really like this one. QUANSHENG Travel Makeup  Bag is not a really big bag, but it holds so much.

I really like that it has one side for liquid products, it's waterproof, and that means a lot especially when you're traveling. I've had several spill accidents when I was traveling and what a mess that can be. I've had shampoo spilled in my clothes, that's almost enough to ruin a trip. With this bag that's not a worry. All liquid products can be safely stored in the waterproof side of this makeup bag.

The other side had plenty of room for all of your dry products. Plus there are 2 different zippered pouches on both sides of the bag.

I like this makeup bag enough to use for my daily needs instead of only using it for traveling. I have my foundation bottles and moisturizers and face creams in the waterproof side and the dry side I keep my eye shadows, blush, powder in the other side. My makeup brushes fit nicely in the zipper pouch on the front.

This is perfect for men or women and can be used for toiletries, dirty clothes, medicine,etc. I love finding  a nice bag like this to keep things organized. Keeping everything organized not only keeps from getting lost but also keeps this neat and tidy.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.