Fixin' To Eat : Southern Cooking For The Southern At Heart

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I grew up in Illinois, about 60 miles south west of Chicago, but moved to western North Carolina about 25 years ago. There is a big difference in cuisine, cooking styles and culture in general. I went through a big culture shock for at least the first year that I lived here, maybe longer. My tastebuds went through a big change too. I'm not complaining by any means, it was just a big change from the food that I grew up eating. My cooking style had to adapt as well to survive here.

Thank goodness for making really good new friends that took me under their wings, so to speak, and taught me a few southern techniques. 

I had not mastered homemade biscuits when I lived up north, after many attempts at best my homemade biscuits made good paper weights, or weapons haha. Now after a little practice my biscuits compare to the natives here.( Trust me, a southern woman is judged by her biscuits haha)

Fixin' To Eat: Southern Cooking For The Southern At Heart is a really good source for recipes and authentic southern dishes.

I like that the directions are easy to follow, even if you are new to southern cooking. Some of the recipes make me want to head for the kitchen and get busy creating something delicious.

I found this e-book to be informative and yet simple enough for even someone new to the kitchen to be able to create a yummy dish or complete meal and serve it with confidence. I received this e-book at a discount to facilitate this review.