Halloween Witch Hat by Sdsaena

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Fall has always been my favorite season. The cooler weather, the beautiful display of the fall leaves changing color, and the coming of the holidays beginning with one of my favorites...Halloween.

I love getting everything decorated in preparation, the front porch with the hay bales and a fall flower arrangement and a big pumpkin or two. Buying enough candy to make sure all of our trick-or-treaters have plenty to put in their trick-or-treat bags. Getting my grand kids together to make a few batches of cookies to decorate and enjoy eating together.

With all of the decorating done now comes the big decision, what to dress up as for Halloween. I found the coolest Witch Hat by Sdsaena. So cool as a matter of fact that I want to tell all of you about it. These hats are decorated and beautifully bedazzled with a flower, and adorned with a scary spider, and sparkly ribbon. They are really a work of art.

This witch hat comes in 3 colors, black, purple and orange. All of them are beautiful, and high quality. Made of hand washable 100% polyester material. Each hat measures 17.s inches tall and 18 inches wide. These hats are the perfect accessory for any witch's costume. These witch hats made my costume an easy decision this year, I plan on being the best dressed witch in our neighborhood.

I have a coupon code for 10% off a purchase of this hat that's good from October 13th thru October 31st.  The code is 2HLT-44K5H8-C3WFMK  For all my readers that love this hat the way I do I have plenty more discount coupons

I received this witch hat at a discount to facilitate this review.

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