GLOBAZA 3.7V Rechargeable Ultra-Light Ultra-Compact Pocket Tool

12:26 PM Candy Crush and Snowman Butts 0 Comments

I like having my own tools in my "fix it" kit to keep in the house. Even though I am a woman haha I am able to do small repairs . I found a handy little tool that I want to tell all of you about, it's GLOBAZA 3.7V Rechargeable Ultra-Light Ultra-Compact Pocket Tool . 

My son likes to joke with me about my tools but I don't have to call on him very often for help, I can fix and repair things myself. I like having a variety of tools to make sure I have what I need for anything that might come up.

I like this tool for a few reasons:

- Very compact, it takes up very little storage space

-It's rechargeable, you can use a USB cable or plug it into your cigarette lighter in your car

-It has a charge light indicator. When the light is red, it's charging, when the light is green it's fully charged

-It has a little light that you can turn on to get a better view of what you're doing.

-It comes with several screwdriver heads

-Comes with USB charger and instruction booklet

Make sure to put the wrist strap around your wrist when using this tool, it has more torque than you would think.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.