Russian Piping Icing Tip Set

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Anyone that knows me well knows that I love to cook. I love trying new recipes and challenges, but baking is what soothes my soul. I love to get in the kitchen and make cakes, cookies, cupcakes. Having my kids and/or grandkids in the kitchen with me makes it even better.

Now that the weather here is cooling down a little, fall is in the air and that really puts me in the mood to bake. Knowing that the holidays are right around the corner and it's time to start getting my baking lists in order, the grandkids and I try to add at least one new cookie to the list each holiday season. We have so much fun together baking and cooking, and more than that I hope we are making memories like the ones I have of being in the kitchen with my grandma.

With all of that being said, I am always on the lookout for new decorating tools to add to my collection and I found the one I want to tell all of my readers about. The Russian Piping Icing Tool Set is a really nice set. It comes with 16 different piping tips. They are made of 18/8 stainless steel and meet USA standards and are FDA approved. This set also includes 30 12" disposable piping bags, 16 paper cupcake cups and 2 3 color couplers.

Seriously with this set the decorating possibilities are endless! Let your creative juices flow! Most importantly, enjoy baking and creating memories.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Lumpy Cubes Family Board Game #RoosterFinGames

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Do you enjoy spending time as a family playing board games? My family always has, so I wanted to share this game with all of my readers, Lumpy Cubes Family Board Game. It's easy to learn to play and a lot of fun for 1-4 people to play. (ages 6 and up)  This game is not only fun to play, but it is designed to improve memory, reaction time, and motor skills.

The game comes with 16 Lumpy Cubes, 12 Stack Challenge Cards, 4 Lumpy Cube Hero Cards, and instructions. The object of the game is to correctly stack your 4 cubes. To set the game up remove the 4 character description cards, they are for your reading pleasure only. Shuffle the remaining 12 cards and place them in 1 pile, face up, in the center of the table. Then have each player select a set of 4 matching cubes.

Now you're ready for the fun to begin. To play the game all players have 10 seconds to study the pattern on the top card on the pile. Then all players pick up their cubes and on the count of 3 -"1,2,3"- drop their cubes, making sure not to drop them out of arm's reach. Using your cubes, race to complete the pattern on the card. The first player to correctly stack their cubes and yell "LUMPY" wins the round and is awarded the card. Repeat these steps until a player has collected 3 cards, and they are the winner.

To play the game by yourself you can test your skills by completing as many patterns as possible. Track your time for increased difficulty. If you would like, there is a "how to play" video to watch

I would like to tell you a little about RoosterFin Games, Joe RoosterFin, the owner of RoosterFin Games, brings a unique skill to board games with his ability to create authentic game engines. Joe's gift is understanding how math applies to games. He was a teacher for years, and with his teaching experience combined with his background, he has been able to come up with award-winning games that are easy to learn to play and a lot of fun too. If you are interested in joining the mailing list the link for that is

My family had so much fun playing this game! It was so nice to hear everybody laughing and having a good time. Family games nights are important to me, it brings us all closer and gives my family not only a fun time but also time to communicate and enjoy each other's company.

Lumpy Cubes is a great gift for your own family or  for a birthday or any other occasion, or even a gift for another family to enjoy as well.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Catallica Pet Em All Heavy Metal Cat Women's Tank Top

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Do you ever run across something and just know it would be the perfect gift for someone that you love and just know in your heart of hearts that they will absolutely love it? That's how I felt when I saw this Catallica Pet Em All Tank Top. I knew it would be perfect for my youngest daughter.

My youngest daughter is a heavy metal/crazy cat woman kind of girl. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this shirt, knowing how perfect it is for her. I was so right!! She loves it!!As a matter of fact her exact words were "I love it!! This is my new favorite shirt!!" That made my day to say the least. I really enjoy  finding a gift that's really appreciated and liked.

Normally I don't like to try to buy her clothes because our taste is so different, but this time I hit the jackpot.  Normally she would think I was dressing her old ladyish haha, not this time. She's 29  and she has the same sense of humor I have and I thought this shirt was hysterical and so did she. She's wearing it proudly.( It looks really good on her!)

When I ordered it, I ordered a size Medium for her. The sizes are true to size. It fit her perfectly.  It's 100 % cotton, so it's very comfortable. It comes in either black or white. This tank top would make a great gift for any occasion for the heavy metal/ crazy cat lady in your life, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just because.

I really like that it's funny, but is completely acceptable to wear just about anywhere. No one can be offended, that's a big plus these days, it's funny and politically correct.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Techno Single Jet Flame Windproof Lighter

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I love to let my readers know about good product, especially ones that can be used for more than just one thing. ( You know I'm all about saving storage space ) I came across this Techno Single Jet Flame Windproof Lighter and several uses came to mind. Sure it's a great lighter for a cigarette or cigar, but it can be used in the kitchen, use it to light candles, take it with you camping to light a lantern or campfire, etc. Being windproof, this will really come in handy for outside use.
I know this lighter will get a lot of use in my house.

It's well made, made with high quality materials for leak proof, long lasting use. I like the slip proof material that's used on the handle, so especially if you're using it in the kitchen and your hands maybe a little damp, this lighter isn't going anywhere. The handle fits comfortably in your hand .

This lighter is easy to refill using butane, and the flame is adjustable. Due to air mail regulations the lighter comes to you empty, so you will have to fill it before use.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Raniaco 12V Portable Auto Air Compressor Pump

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If you've ever been stranded with a flat tire on a dark lonely road miles away from the nearest gas station you will understand just how good it is to have the Raniaco 12V Portable Auto Air Compressor in your car. Not only for yourself, but this also makes a great gift for anyone you care about, especially a good gift for someone that just got their driver's license.

This portable air compressor plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter, and the cord is plenty long enough to reach your back tires. There is an air gauge to let you know just how much air pressure is in your tire, and one of the best features in my opinion in the built in LED light so you can see what you're working on no matter how dark of an area you are in, a dark garage, a dark roadside.

This air compressor also comes with a few different adapters so that you can fill basketballs, footballs, volley balls, etc. You're not just limited to airing up your tires. This is such a handy tool to have with you in your vehicle at all times.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


GLOBAZA 3.7V Rechargeable Ultra-Light Ultra-Compact Pocket Tool

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I like having my own tools in my "fix it" kit to keep in the house. Even though I am a woman haha I am able to do small repairs . I found a handy little tool that I want to tell all of you about, it's GLOBAZA 3.7V Rechargeable Ultra-Light Ultra-Compact Pocket Tool . 

My son likes to joke with me about my tools but I don't have to call on him very often for help, I can fix and repair things myself. I like having a variety of tools to make sure I have what I need for anything that might come up.

I like this tool for a few reasons:

- Very compact, it takes up very little storage space

-It's rechargeable, you can use a USB cable or plug it into your cigarette lighter in your car

-It has a charge light indicator. When the light is red, it's charging, when the light is green it's fully charged

-It has a little light that you can turn on to get a better view of what you're doing.

-It comes with several screwdriver heads

-Comes with USB charger and instruction booklet

Make sure to put the wrist strap around your wrist when using this tool, it has more torque than you would think.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


Happlee 48Cols Nail Art Set

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I am not the craftiest person, but I love to try out new arts and crafts. I watch tutorials all the time and I am building up my nerve to try a few new things, one of which is nail art. I have seen some of the most beautiful but simple nails done and wondered where I could find some of the beads and sequins and such that they use in the videos. Look no further, Happlee 48Cols Nail Art Set has everything I was looking for, the vibrant colors and a wide array of beads, sequins and glitter.

The set comes with 48 tiny bottles all filled with glitter, beads and sequins. I like to keep them in the tray that they come in so I can keep them organized and handy.

One of the features that I like most about this set is that it has passed the safety certification. It is 100% non-toxic, so it's safe for adults and children.

You don't have to stop at using this for only nail art, it can be used for a variety of other DIY projects such as scrapbooking, Christmas decorations, greeting cards, face and body art.etc.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


(Set of 5) Rollerblade Office Chair Replacement Wheels - Black and Clear

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The point of my blog is to let my readers know about products that make life a little easier or better, sometimes it's the little things that mean the most. Things you don't really think about being a necessity, but something that will really impact your day. Honestly, I hadn't given much thought to the wheels of my desk chair until recently when I decided to try  this (Set of 5) Rollerblade Office Chair Replacement Wheels. What difference! They roll so smoothly! So smoothly, in fact, I'm glad there's not a surveillance camera in my office because I was rolling my chair everywhere in here, spinning, and rolling everywhere haha. I bet I could win a desk chair race! Seriously, these wheels make it so much easier to move my chair around with very little effort.

They are so easy to install, just pull out your old wheels and push these into place, no tools needed. I was able to change the wheels myself in just a few minutes. They fit most chairs, check to make sure your chair is compatible, grip ring stem (7/16" diameter x  7/8 " length).

These wheels are safe on hardwood floors, they are made of floor safe polyurethane to ensure that they don't scratch or scuff or scrape hardwood flooring or damage carpet fibers. I have hardwood floor in my work space and they don't leave a mark at all on the floor.

These wheels look nice too, they have a black base plate and transparent polyurethane wheels to match your home furniture or office decor. They look very sleek and stylish.

You don't have to stop at using these replacement wheels on only your desk chair either, you can use them on a variety of office, garage and commercial grade equipment, including dollies, trailer jacks and mechanic creepers.These replacement wheels will make a difference in your day,making it so much easier to get from Point A to Point B.

I have always heard that it's the little things that will mean the most to someone, and it's so true. Until I changed my wheels on my desk chair I really hadn't given my desk chair wheels a thought, but they have made a real difference for me. I can't help but smile when I glide around my work space now.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.


JONRE' Anti-Aging Night Cream

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I'm in my mid 50's now and I declared war on aging a few years ago. I feel it's my duty and obligation to share good products with my readers to assist them along the battlefront as well.

JONRE' Night Cream is very beneficial for your skin in several ways. It contains Shea Butter, Jojoba & Macadamia Oils,and Plant Glycerin. These are all highly effective in hydrating your skin.

It has enriched antioxidant properties from ingredient such as  Pomegranate Oil, Kiwi, and Vitamin B5, these all aid in nourishing your skin.

JONRE' Night Cream is so easy to use, just apply to freshly washed face and neck each night before bed and wake up to moisturized, fresh looking skin.

This product really helps to battle wrinkles, tighten saggy looking skin and even your skin tone and lighten brown age spots. I really like that it's non - comedogenic , which means that it doesn't clog your pores. It has a non-greasy feel and absorbs quickly into your skin.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.