Custom Picture Puzzles by Piczzle

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Are you looking for a unique gift idea? I want to tell you about custom made picture puzzles. This is such a cool idea and perfect gift! There are so many options so your order is completely customized, and it's so easy to order exactly what you want.

I went onto the site and was reading some of the customer stories, I'm a blogger, that's what I do haha. I found this story , so sweet!! I know that's one happy daddy! Imagine his surprise getting a beautiful picture puzzle of his baby girl for Father's Day, well he was evidently happy enough to propose to his fiance using 2 of the puzzle pieces because as he said they fit together as perfectly and uniquely as the puzzle pieces do.

All you do to have your own picture to puzzle is pick out the 
picture you want to have a puzzle made of, go to their 
site and decide how many piece puzzle 
you want, they range from 4 pieces to 2,000 pieces. Then

you have the choice of a cardboard, wood, or magnetic 

puzzle.You pick the shape whether you want round, heart 

shaped or rectangular.

This could be such a nice gift for any occasion, birthday,

 Christmas, wedding, whatever. It's so personal because you 

chose the exact picture you want it to be.

I have a code you can use if you order before July 31, 2017 

for 15% off. Use the code SummerPuzzle0717

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