Crayola Mess Free Wonder-On-Go Coloring Sets

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As all parents and caregivers know, it's difficult to keep little

 ones occupied while you travel  or sit quietly for an

 appointment, etc.

Crayola has come up with a new line, The Mess Free 

Wonder-on-the -Go Coloring Set. The Mess Free Markers 

magically only appear on the special Color Wonder Paper, 

ensuring that their artwork stays on the paper and not on

 their clothes or walls.

These coloring sets are great to promote artistic creativity 

without any mess.  

There's several sets to choose from to hold your little one's 

interest and to inspire their inner artist. The coloring books 

are the perfect size for small hands. Each coloring book has 

15 pages. They are compatible with all Color Wonder 

markers, paints and stamps, so kids can chose their favorite 

colors from other sets to complete their next masterpiece.

I just love this idea and plan on gifting some to my grandkids.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest 

unbiased review.