Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Books #artwithedge

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The holiday season is quickly approaching and I have a few family members that are hard to buy for, some of them are the teens and tweens in my family. They are too big for kid stuff but too young for more adult gifts.

Crayola has just introduced a new line of products in September of 2016. It's called Art With Edge. This is a collection of coloring books that are geared for teens and tweens. The young people that are too old for children's coloring books but not too interested in adult coloring books. The pictures are awesome,  and there's a real variety of books to choose from, such as, Sugar Skulls, Zombie Daze, Say What?!, Ridiculousness, Graffiti, Justice League tm, and Batman tm.

Each book has up to 40 pages of 8 X 10 pictures to color or frame and display. They can be colored with markers, crayons, colored pencils. The pages are thick enough to not "bleed" through.

I'm really excited about the Art With Edge Line! I think it's an awesome thing to open up the artistic interest of teens and tweens and allow them to express themselves through art.

This new line is a perfect gift for the young people on your shopping list for the holiday season or any other gift giving occasion.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.