Boys Pacifier Clip 3pk Bundle by Trend Seller #TrendSeller

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 I don't know if you've experienced the joy of trying to drive and listening to the baby crying because he lost his pacifier, so you have to pull out of the road and play hide and seek with the lost pacifier. Or just as much fun trying to find one in the middle of the night when you are half a sleep. Those "hunts" can be a thing of the past. Boys Pacifier Clip 3pk Bundle by TrendSeller are so cute and more important clip securely to the baby's clothes. The clips are plastic so even if the baby pulls on the ribbon it won't harm their clothes. They are durable, non-toxic and so darn cute!!

Each of the pacifier clip ribbons are 2 sided with different bright colors and designs so they are easy to coordinate with their outfits. They are easy to use and have a large hoop to accommodate just about any style of pacifier. These pacifier clips can be hand washed or tossed in the washer to keep them clean and sanitary.

This bundle also includes a teething soother that the baby will love to use on their sensitive gums when teething. The little "handles" on the sides make it easy for baby to hold on to. The teething soother has different textures on it to relieve their irritated gums.

There's 12 of the sweetest milestone stickers also in this bundle. They say things like "My first haircut" My first tooth" "I can wave" I love these!! There's an ebook you can download that's full of teething tricks, tips, and more.

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