Meterteck's Digital Multimeter #Meterteck

7:50 PM Kathy Roberts 7 Comments

We seem to always have some kind of project going on at our house. We are real DIY kind of people, so I like having the right tool for the job. A couple of weeks ago I received Meterteck's Digital Multimeter to try out. I was really impressed with it. I'm no electrician but we have done several small jobs at out house like putting in new lights and a few new wall outlets and I'm really happy to have this on hand now. You can even use this for working on your vehicle electrical problems.

 This multimeter is the perfect hand held size. It had a backlit LCD display so you can read this meter in the dark or a dimly lit area. This meter also stores your data for future reference. The alarm sound is not too loud but loud enough for you to hear what's going on.

It shows accurate readings for current, voltage, and resistance as well as continuity,transistor and diode testing. 

The box included the meter, 2 sets of leads and a preinstalled 9v battery.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.


  1. This would so come in handy! Awesome product!

  2. Apart from including most of the basic functions you find in a digital multimeter, these testing tools also have a built in current transformer.

  3. They seem good multimeter. Awesome product!


  4. Nice post. I have a Neiko multimeter. It very safe for automotive and household uses. It correctly works when making electronic measurements and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems. I think it's the best digital multimeter. Thanks

  5. Digital multimeters have currently become a necessary tool for any mechanic or technician operating with equipment. way more refined than their analogue counterparts of the past, the digital multimeter has evolved into extremely specialized device designed for specific testing things in each non-public and industrial arenas how to use multimeter.

  6. The Multimeters come with two different probes, one black and one red, you have to ensure that you connect them to the correct places so that you can measure the appropriate quantity. Multimeter Reviews