Beautonics Advanced Hair Brush Straightener #Beautonics

2:05 PM Kathy Roberts 0 Comments

I have fine but frizzy looking hair with a little bit of wave naturally. I have conditioned and sought all kinds of treatment products hoping to finally one day have my hair lay nicely and look good. I have seen all the hype about the brush straighteners but was afraid to try them for a couple different reason : 1) I am somewhat clumsy and just knew I would burn my head or ears 2) I was afraid that my fine hair would look paper thin if I straightened it. I was wrong on both counts. Beautonics Advanced Hair Brush Straightener has an anti-scald feature that keeps all of us clumsy people safe from ourselves. Believe me when I used it I touched my scalp and ears several times and no burns. The little anti-scald balls on the ends of the heating elements keep me safe. It was easy to use, just allow it a few minutes to heat to the desired temperature. There is an LED display for easy temperature reading. You can adjust the temperature from 180* C - 230* C. I used it pretty much like a regular hair brush just moved it slowly through my hair. I have found that if I come up from underneath a section of hair and lift up and out as I brush through it I get a little more volume as well as straight hair. No more frizziness, just healthy looking , shiny sleek straight hair. YAY!!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.