Expandable Garden Water Hose & Garden Hose Nozzle #RV_Gardener

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With warm weather comes outside work and cleaning things up around the yard. Washing cars, bathing pets, filling up the kid's pools and slip and slides, not to mention watering the flowers, etc.
I received RV_Gardener's 50' Expandable Garden Water Hose to try out. This is a nice hose, 4 layers, high pressure resistant under  170 PSI/12.7 Bar. Comes with a sprayer nozzle that has 8 spray selections, a hose hanger, and 6 washers. It's crazy how small is collapses down to when not in use. Lightweight too, unlike the old fashioned garden hoses that take brute force to pull through the yard. Even the kids can help with clean up and yard work too.

I also received RV_Garden's Garden Hose Nozzle to try out. This is like the Cadillac of sprayers! It has a 100% metal body and trigger that's covered with soft PVC for comfortable grip and to guard against rust and corrosion. Adjusts for several high pressure water spray for just about any spray need. Comes with 2 quick female connectors and rubber washer set. You can feel the quality of this sprayer when you hold it in your hand. This is not one of the flimsy plastic ones. I know I'll be using both the hose and sprayer all spring and summer.

I received both products for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review.