1byOne Car Jump Starter ##1byoneJumpStarter

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Have you ever been stranded with a dead car battery? Or a dead cell phone battery in the middle of nowhere? This 1byOne Car Jump Starter and Powerbank is the perfect thing to keep in your car or in your backpack. You never know when a situation could arise where you would need it. It charges cell phone, and has a flashlight setting as well as an SOS function.

Very portable, the case will easily fit into a backpack or easily stores in your car. I'm happy to have this now, it makes me feel so much safer and more secure to know that if my battery goes dead that I'm not stranded. I can jump start my own car, or I can charge my cell, or in an emergency I have an SOS signal right with me.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.