Premium Drinking Glasses by Scaninovia

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#Scandinovia  Do you have a little one in your house that is transitioning from a sippy cup to a drinking glass? These Premium Drinking Glasses are the worry free answer. They are an 8 oz. size , perfect for little hands. Even though they look and feel like glass, they are actually made from non-breakable Eastman TritanTM plastic (BPA free and  Proposition65 compliant)

The set comes with 4 different pastel colored glasses, very pretty. They have a dappled interior that keeps them from sticking together when stacked, that's a very thoughtful feature. They are of restaurantt quality guaranteed, and the glasslike clarity will not fade with use.

These glasses are not just for the kids. You can bring them along on picnics, or for sitting around the pool. Good size for mixed drinks as well.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.