MLVOC Salt and Pepper Grinders

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#MLVOCGrinder   Last week I received 2 products I want to tell you about, 2 different salt and pepper grinders from MLVOC. The first one has a cylindrical shape and is divided inside so you can have salt in one end and pepper in the other. There is a grinder in each end and each grinder is adjustable so you have control of the flow of each independantly. MLVOC Salt and Pepper Grinder is a space saver as well as an attractive kitchen tool.

The second MLVOC Salt and Pepper Grinder I received is hourglass shaped and is adjustable on both ends as well. Also has a divider inside to keep salt in one end and pepper in the other. I like that I can have both spices in one grinder. I love space saving tools in my kitchen.

Both grinders have both ceramic and stainless steel parts and are made to last. They both fit well in my hand and are nicely made. Easy to clean if you want to wash them and they would both make a great gift as well as a good addition to your own kitchen. I was even thinking what other spices I could use in here besides just salt and pepper. Oh the possibilities....

I received these products for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.