ZallGood Silicone Baking Mat

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Silicone Baking Mat by ZallGood

I bake a lot and was still using parchment paper or greasing my baking pans. Not anymore!! I tried this Silicone Baking Mat and don't want to use anything else now. This mat distributes the heat evenly so my cookies are evenly nice and golden brown. My cookies hold their shape better and absolutely no sticking.

The mats are marked so it's easy to space whatever you're baking Clean up is so easy and they're dishwasher safe. They're also freezer, oven and microwave safe too, and can be used 2,000 times.A real money saver, no more buying expensive parchment or wax paper.

Whether you bake a lot like me, or just around the holidays I know you'll be as happy with this product as I am.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.