Party Snow- Artificial Snow

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Party Snow

#PartySnow I recently received Party Snow- Artificial Snow to try out. This stuff is so cool! (literally) It looks and feels like real snow!! I grew up in Chicago and this time of year I miss snow (believe it or not) I live in the mountains of North Carolina now and we don't get near as much snow as we did when I was growing up in Chicago. This Party Snow makes it possible to have snow anytime.

So easy to use, just pour the Party Snow into a container, add water and watch it erupt into snow!! It instantly grows 100X it's size. It's non-toxic and reusable. To reuse just let the snow dry completely and store it in  an airtight container.

This product is slippery when wet (just like the real thing) so don't use it in a walking area.

It has so many uses, you can put it around your Christmas tree, live or artificial. Decorate around the holidays,use as a stocking stuffer, etc. Makes a great gift for those who love snow like I do.

I have a 25% off coupon code , must be used before December 15. The code is KMRZ-U7KVQN-SXVAWJ

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.