Estilo Professional Grade 48 Blade Meat Tenderizer

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#MeatTenderizer48blade  Looking for a great way to cut grocery costs? I found one. Estilo Professional Grade 48 Blade Meat Tenderizer. You can buy cheaper cuts of meat and have delicious , tender results. Using these 48 razor sharp knife blades ,which cut through the connective tissue that makes meat tough, to tenderize your meat allows the meat to cook 40% faster and marinating time is cut to as little as 5 minutes.

This tenderizer is easy to use and it measures 6 in. long, 4 in. wide and 1 1/2 in thick so it fits nicely in your hand. Easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. Comes with a plastic cover for safe storage. It can be used on poultry, meat , or fish. A great addition to any kitchen.

It's made of white ABS plastic and 48 super sharp stainless steel blades. Tough and durable.

I really like this product, it saves money,makes your meal more enjoyable, plus it's so easy to use. That's a win/win in my opinion.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review.