Exposed Basic 4-Step Acne Treatment

As many of my readers know, a few years ago I declared war on aging. I know that biologically my time clock is ticking but I don't think I should have to look old while it ticks. I know I won't look like I'm 25 but I can do all I can to look young for my age and to be as healthy as possible.

I have tried many products to arm myself for this battle and I tell all of you about the best of the best that I come in contact with.

I expect to have fine lines here and there, and to see the effects of gravity as well. I know that I am not a teenager, so why do I still battle from time to time with acne? Acne is not attractive at any age but especially when it's so unexpected as in women my age.

 I decided to do a little research to find out what causes acne in middle aged women. The fact is that acne in people over 20 is due to many things, from stress to hormonal changes. Hormonal changes tend to increase oil production on your skin . Starting or stopping birth control, or the dreaded "M" word (menopause) causes hormone imbalances that affect sebum production on the skin.

No matter the cause, you can clear your skin using a skin care system I recently had the opportuity to try, Exposed Basic 4-Step Acne Treatment. This system is easy to use, use it morning and night. Keep in mind that less is more. Using too much of the products can cause your acne to worsen. Start off slowly using a small amount of each product.

My skin is somewhat sensitive but this acne treatment system hasn't irritated my skin at all. As a matter of fact my skin feels soft and smooth, and looks clearer already. I am really pleased  with the results I'm seeing.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.

Ceramide Intense Hydration Face Moisturizer By EverGlam

#EverGlamMoisturizer #EverMoisturizer #EverGlamCosmetics

As most of my readers know, I declared war on aging a few years ago. I try my best to bring the best of the best products to my readers and tell them all about the best products to play beat the clock on aging as I am.

To be honest I didn't know much about ceramide moisturizing cream until I was given the opportunity to try Ceramide Intense Hydration Face Moistirizer By EverGlam . I decided to do a little research to see what it is all about. I like to know all about something before I put it on my skin.

First thing I learned is that a ceramide moisturizer is one of 3 types of lipids (fats) that helps keep moisture in the skin. Ceramide containing moisturizers are a breed of moisturizers that contain the same balance of lipids that your skin does.

With aging, skin loses it's youthful moisture, suppleness, and smoothness thanks to the loss of essential ceramide molecules.Skin  ceramides make up 35 - 40 % of the lipids in the extracellular "cement" that binds together protective cells in the outermost skin layer, the stratum corneum.

This non-greasy, lightweight moisturizing cream can be applied twice a day, morning and night to keep your skin comfortable and hydrated all day.

It contains Green Tomato Extracts that rejuvenate your skin and fights wrinkles, Squalane that keeps your skin soft and mooisturized, and Argan Oil that is an antioxidant and conditions your skin.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.

Easter Basket Fill Up Giveaway

Easter Basket Fill-Up Giveaway

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My Gift Stop $300 Giveaway

I do a lot of my shopping online. I just don't have the time or patience to go to the mall and wonder around shopping, so I think it's awesome when I find a site that 1) carries name brands at affordable prices 2) has a great selection 3) gives back to society. I found a site that does all 3, My Gift Stop.

My Gift Stop is an online shop that offers luxury goods. It's a site to find great watches for men and women as well as name brand sunglasses, shoes, bags, etc. This site, My Gift Stop is wonderful for last minute gifts, one stop shopping for the busy shopper. They have a really good selection and wide variety of items.
What I think is amazing is that 5% of each sale is donated to Direct Relief, a nonprofit global medical relief. That makes me feel good to save money, buy name brands at reduced  prices, plus help out a great cause.

I have teamed up with My Gift Stop , who is hosting a $300 Gift Card Giveaway. Entry is simple. Entry rules are as follows:

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Do you suffer from from sore muscles? Backache? Joint pain? I have some good news to share with you  I recently had the privilege to try it for myself. This stuff is no joke, it really helps. Whether you worked out a little too hard at the gym, have arthritis, or general backache you need to try it for yourself.

I really like that the bottle has a pump style dispenser. Even if you have pain in your hands you can easily use it. One quick tip - make sure you wash your hands with soap and water after applying and keep away from eyes.

More than 20 years and $35 million of developmental research have gone into  Menthonol. The combination of natural ingredients reduce pain without skin irritation. The exclusive combination of ingredients is both patented and other ingredients are approved by the US FDA.

The key ingredient it Seanol-S which is a patened extract from marine algea with potent healing properties. Seanol-S improves blood circulation, blood vessel flexibility Improved circulatory health promotes optimal cell function and utilization of other healing ingredients.

Menthol is one of nature's most effective pain relievers.  Menthol has analgesic properties that provide relief from many aches and pains. Menthol delivers a strong cooling sensation that send "cold" signals to the brain providing relief from the "burning" pain of inflammation.

Camphor delivers dual heating and cooling sensations. When applied it cools and numbs nerve endings and shortly later it warms the area increasing circulation and relieving pain in sore and injured areas.

Emu Oil is a powerful trans-dermal agent that can penetrate deep into and beyond the top layers of your skin. It contains high levels of linoleic acid,known to ease joint discomfort and reduce swelling.

Arnica Oilhas potent healing properties that are attributed to it's thymol and helenalin compounds. These compounds help blood flow, and stimulate the flow of white blood cells  which process congested blood to help disperse trapped fluid from the joints, muscles and bruised tissue.

This powerful pain reliever is easy to use, just apply generously to affected area no more than 3-4 times a day. Do not use on children under 12. Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, and avoid eyes and mucous membranes.

For my followers, when you place your order, use the  Promo Code : RELIEF10

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.

High Fashion Leather Backpack Schoolbag For Girls

The Power of The Right Hangbag

There is hardly a person you will see who is not carrying a bag of some sorts or the other. These can be simple grocery bags to designer handbags that cost an average person’s salary for several years. Whatever the bag one may be carrying, the fact remains that they are probably the most useful things around. Whether you are a man or a woman, an adult or a child, it is certain that you own at least one bag or wallet of some sort.

Why Do You Need a Bag?

This question has a very obvious answer that you need it to carry things, at least that is what the original purpose of a bag was supposed to be. In the early days they were a means to carry things, food, clothes and other stuff but in the modern society, a bag goes beyond being just a utility item. In the Victorian times the handbags became the mark of a lady who carried little wristlets that contained her essential smelling salts, dainty handkerchiefs, hat pins and similar stuff. These little pull string pouches have come a long way since then. Now they are a mark of a well dressed and successful person.

Bags For Utility

For different people, a handbag means different things.

  • For an Office Worker – it is a means of carrying all the information he/she may require on the go. A handbag in such cases may be more like a mini office with all the work-related documents and items kept in it.

  • For a Student – it is  school or a college bag or rucksack which holds all that he or she needs for studing.

  • For a Housewife – the bag holds all that she needs for a day out shopping or with friends. It is her world.

  • For a Tradesman or a Crafts Person – it is his or her entire career in a bag. It is a mobile shop that carries all the tools of the trade.

There are diaper bags and cosmetic bags, gym bags, duffle bags, messenger bags and Backpacks – each of these has its own utility. But this is not where the story ends. Bags are far more than just utility items for a lot of people.

Bags As a Symbol Of Success

Bags and handbags have immense snob value. Ask any upward mobile socialite and they will tell you how they distinguish between class and crass by merely the bag or clutch they carry. Handbags, wallets and briefcases are as much a symbol of success and wealth as the paycheck you may flaunt. They are no longer just utility item. They denote your social and financial status. A woman carrying a Birkin bag can expect preferential treatment everywhere. Even the most snobbish of places will allow her entry without blinking an eye lid as long has she has a Birkin hanging from her arm. It should not be a huge surprise either as these do die for handbags can cost thousands of dollars each. Even second hand ones are more than the cost of an average car or a truck. So, if handbags are taken as a symbol of success, it is not too incredulous an idea for most of us who think nothing of the innocuous bags that we carry. But, if you wish to make your mark in the world, you need to pay attention to the bag you carry.

Bags For Different Occasions

Now handbags are not defined by their use of the social success they are also defined by the occasions where they are used. Yes, there are different bags that are appropriate for different occasions, you would not want to be seen with a tote bag at a wedding. No! that would be totally wrong! So, there are different bags for each occasion:

  • School bags, satchels and briefcases: these are usually to take with you to college, school, office or for work.

  • Shopping bags, Totes, Duffle: These are larger and best used for when there is a need to carry a lot of stuff like when shopping.

  • Evening, Party, Bridal : these bags are usually small with just enough space to keep essentials for a few hours. Evening bags are usually more ornamental with metal chains, a little bit of bling and are considered statement pieces. Bridal bags are meant for brides and are usually highly embellished pieces of art.

Birkin Is Not For Everybody

A woman of the world cannot have just one bag. Depending upon the occasion, she has to have several for different occasions, purposes and to accessorize with different dresses. Yes, you need to do that too – match a handbag to your dress to be considered smart. Not all of us have enough money to buy Birkin, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Burberry or a Chanel bag, but we can still buy bags that look good at an affordable price.

You can bag yourself a great deal

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Snowflake Building Blocks Kids STEM Educational Toys

I have several grandkids of various ages and I am always looking for toys that they will continue to play with after a few days, and toys that are educational as well as fun to play with. 

Snowflake Building Blocks are great, the kids are improving their cognitive skills without realizing that they're doing anything besides playing.

These snowflake blocks are 1.25 inches across. Smaller children may need assistance connecting and disconnecting the blocks.They come in a durable plastic tub with a twist off lid that has a handle , making it easy to carry.

250 blocks in this Mega Pack, all brightly colored plastic interconnecting snowflake shaped interconnecting blocks that are safe and non-toxic.They are safe for bath too, actually safer than most bath toys because they don't grow mold.

I love toys that encourage imagination and creativity. There is no limit to the shapes and creations the kids can come up with playing with these blocks. I even enjoyed sitting on the floor playing with the grandkids. These blocks are good to teach color recognition, counting, early math, and promotes relationship building.The introduction of STEM concepts in early childhood sets children on a path to establish a love of scientific questioning and learning.

Easy to clean, they are solid plastic, so just clean in boiling water.

I received this product at a discount to facilitate this review.